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  1. Reblog if you’re a Star Trek fan (any and all series and movies) and you’re female.





    I want to see how many of us there are :)

    The results should not surprise anyone.



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  2. *hugs* You're awesome!


    thank you so so much!

  3. liveblogging Chaplin

    Movie is over! Now, if you haven’t seen it, go WATCH! Is a must for any RDJ fan or Chaplin fan. Yes, you can still be a fan of the great legend’s work, and I am talking about Chaplin. :P

  4. liveblogging Chaplin

    this movie is perfection

  5. liveblogging Chaplin

    Even as an old man, he’s still beautiful!

  6. liveblogging Chaplin

    "My only enemy is time." Time is Charlie Chaplin’s dearest and eternal friend.

    Watch. Remember. Rejoice.

  7. liveblogging Chaplin

    Teradash? Sounds like spice.

  8. liveblogging Chaplin


  9. liveblogging Chaplin

    *puts my baby in a box* No one else hurt him!

    this is a thing I do to protect people I love from pain. It’s metaphorical. No real box.